Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The 4th Estate Is A Part Of The Problem

When Margaret Hodge MP and the Public Accounts Select Committee were questioning senior management from HSBC yesterday, there was wonderful timing in that the grilling of Rona Fairhead (member of the HSBC Financial System Vulnerabilities Committee and Nomination Committee) coincided with BBC News at 16:00.
With Fairhead being chairperson of the BBC Trust, what would the BBC do?
Well, they simply cut to the studio so that Fairhead would not be shown to be complicit in the tax evasion schemes at the bank.

The Telegraph were even more economic with the truth giving no column inches at all online to the questioning of a bank that just happens to be a major advertiser at the newspaper.

Neither of these instances exhibit a real journalism but rather a filtered PR exercise on behalf of a sociopathic bank and its miscreant employees.
This is an example of the 'journalism' of the 4th Estate.

Worse still, Baron Green of Hurstpierpoint will not have to give any evidence to the Committee at all as Tory MPs have blocked such access despite Green being chairman of the HSBC bank at the time that money laundering and tax evasion became endemic.
Furthermore, the whistleblower who exposed crime at HSBC, Herve Falciani, has stated that hundreds of banks globally are illegally offering tax evasion and money laundering schemes to wealthy clients.

This corruption is systemic. 

In the words of Laurie Penny: "Why – let's be frank – isn't Parliament Square on fire?"

Mainstream media (msm) journalism fails miserably once it is the elite that needs bringing to justice.
The same is true of football journalism - so, individual editors, writers and talking heads at The Guardian, Sky Sports, BT Sports, The Telegraph, BBC, ITV have knowledge of or are complicit in matchfixing and insider trading in the sport and yet expose no truths as to the hyperrealities of corruption in British football.

One has to agree with Andrew Jennings that there are NO British mainstream sports' journalists worthy of the name!

The manufacturing of consent by these 4th Estate structures is the primary reason for the growth in 5th Estate journalism and the matrix has now reached a stage where there are gradations of openness external to the msm mass of mediocrity.

Estate 5.0 - Wikileaks, Anonymous, Occupy, Alexa O'Brien

Estate 4.75 - OpDeathEaters, John Pilger, Noam Chomsky, Heather Marsh, Gabriella Coleman, Sarah Kay

Estate 4.50 - Laurie Penny, Owen Jones, Advocacy Groups, Al Jazeera, Gary Younge

Estate 4.25 - NGO-Lite Groups, occasional forays by MSM journalists towards reality

Estate 4.0 - Top-down state propaganda, Establishment PR, creation of entirely fake narratives by BBC, ITV etc

In the chart above, any 'journalism' at Estate 4.25 or below is, at best, naive PR and, at worst, complicit in the corruptions at play.
But the systemic nature of so many of the abusive strategies in finance, law, government, msm, accountancy, military etc allows an array of different strategies to be developed to target the Untruths.

A combination of Estate 4.5 to Estate 5.0 brings about the biggest impact against systemic shenanigans as the strategic defence of the abusive structures are far more compromised by a concerted set of actions - direct action, ratcheting up libellous 'tensions' and aiming for a consensus leading to incremental change.

But when matchfixing, insider trading, institutional corruption, the internalised role of mafia groups and the associated money laundering that runs alongside is eventually exposed, we will have the footballing equivalent of Fairhead, Gulliver, Meares and Green saying how they were doing their jobs and had no idea etc etc etc blah blah blah.

Jean Baudrillard: "They are merely playing as they have been taught to play, speculating on the Bourse of statistics and images. This speculation is total, and immoral, just like that of the financial speculators. In the face of the idiotic certainty and inexorable banality of numbers, the masses are an incarnation, on the margins, of the principle of uncertainty in the sociological sphere. As the powers-that-be strive to organise their statistical order (and the social order is now a statistical order), so it falls to the masses to look, in clandestine fashion, to the interests of the statistical disorder."