Monday, 8 February 2010

Yo! Untutored Blatherskites And Gobshites

Welcome "muck-rakers, obscene poets, carnal pimps, sodomous sychophants, peddlars of the coloured lusts of fallen humanity"...

"Superinjunctions are non-democratic, top-down, often statist interventions covering (neo)hyperrealities, the shared knowledge of which may (or may not) be in the Real public interest, John."

"Well, Fabio! I guess a shag is out of the question then...?"

Meanwhile, the state continues to investigate the state in order to determine if the state went to war illegally on behalf of the state.
The Legal Firm - Blair, Hoon, Straw and Goldsmith - "getting People together" in the words of the latter to create The Loophole of Hyperreality that allowed The Knowns to have been as unknown as The Unknowns in carefully selected temporal windows of logical skullduggery.

Nietzsche: "The noble type of man feels himself to be the determiner of values, he does not need to be approved of, he judges 'what harms me is harmful in itself', he knows himself to be that which in general first accords honour to things, he creates values. Everything he knows to be part of himself, he honours: such a morality is self-glorification... I call it the moral hypocrisy of the commanders. They know no way of defending themselves against their bad conscience other than to pose as executors of more ancient or higher commands (commands of ancestors, of the constitution, of justice, of the law or even of God), or even to borrow herd maxims from the herd's way of thinking and appear as 'the first servant of the people' for example, or as 'instruments of the common good'".

The last person to be impeached in the UK was Henry Dundas, another imperialist warmonger, in 1806.
Being Britain, the impeachment resulted in acquittal.

In fact, in the last two hundred years in the Hyperia, US and Britain, the only the high ranking government representative to be impeached was Bill Clinton - cunnilingus evidently being the greatest crime - greater than all that terror, all those atrocities, all that slavery.
And Nixon.

A coda to the psychopathy of the past...

Darlene Etienne, on being pulled from the rubble fifteen days after the earthquake in Haiti experienced mixed emotions on her release.
Her initial uncontrollable tears of joy when she was told that Gordon Brown had "already talked with Simon Cowell" about the disaster was only temporary.
When she was informed that there were 13,000 US marines in Haiti, she asked to be placed back in the rubble...

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