Sunday, 9 May 2010

Malarkey And Shenanigans

You Must Do Without Hospitals And Education So That We Might Have War

John Pilger on the fake remembrance of the carnage at Gallipoli: "...this year some 8000 flag-wrapped Antipodeans listened, dewy-eyed, to the Australian governor-general Quentin Bryce, who is the Queen’s viceroy, describe the point of pointless mass killing. It was, she said, all about a “love of nation, of service, of family, the love we give and the love we receive and the love we allow ourselves to receive. [It is a love that] rejoices in the truth, it bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. And it never fails”.

Of all the attempts at justifying state murder I can recall, this drivel of DIY therapy, clearly aimed at the young, takes the blue riband. Not once did Bryce honour the fallen with the two words that the survivors of 1915 brought home with them: “Never again”."

My grandad was pockmarked from Gallipoli.
He could never even talk about it.

Fake Media Following A Fake Marketing Campaign

Just who is Clegg?
Does he really believe that, just because he is a Tory and the media, en masse, have decided that we have a Tory government, the membership of his party and the left of centre norm among his MPs will support a right wing racist disgrace of a party?

This is Railroading Democracy - a very British version of the Florida strain of electoral distortion.

And why was Theo Guardian telling all the Lunching Ladies and their neutered appendages that backing the LibDem's was the way forward... what? A Tory government.

But how many less well informed people voted for the only left of centre main party thinking that they were standing up to the Big Two when actually they were simply supporting yet another state takeover by the Public School Elite.


Dark Pools And Their Perturbations

We have received several responses to our assertion that the non-regulated underground markets were responsible for the shenanigans in the public markets last week.

The most interesting was the following from Dave Robinson in the Cayman Islands: "I met a long-time email and phone contact who works out of Chicago and vacations in Cayman, for a beer the other night. We were just chatting about the markets and the way the Obama and Brown administrations were reading the same cards in different ways. He suddenly started dropping hints about Dark Pools (his words) gaming the markets. Either I've unwittingly contacted a fellow 'dietro-traveller' or the word is out. Which is it?"

Dark Pools are like Jupiter.
Other celestial bodies are happily orbiting the Sun while experiencing mild perturbations from other similarly sized bodies that pass in their vicinity when, suddenly, the Solar Systemic Black Swan contorts and captures their world.

The parallel with Asian dominance of global football in the nineties is astounding.

Sicilian Piss Taking

It follows a pattern if you dig what I mean...
Well, two patterns actually.

Firstly the one relating to late season Catania matches being rigged in extremis.
And, secondly, the one relating to no reaction from any authorities.

In the third of the series, Bologna and Catania drew yesterday in a match that very few market makers would go anywhere near. The price on the Draw was as short as 1.50 (1/2) at the off.
As with the agreed draw against Chievo, Giannoccaro was the referee.
There were no challenges.
No bookings.
And the game ended one apiece.

There is nothing like competitive sport.

Pricing Pickle

How could the markets price Chelsea at 1.08 (1/12) for the match and at 1.09 (1/11) for the Premier League title prior to the final round of theatre?

Think about it!

Scudamore Shows Stalinesque Side To His Psychopathy

Rate The Ref is an excellent website where referees may exchange their views on the state of officiation in the game.
The site has been a persistent critic of the manner in which the Premier League and the Professional Game Match Officials Board deals (literally) with the Select Group of match referees in the EPL.

When Theo Guardian isn't working towards a Tory government, giving three (3!!) articles to Louise Taylor on FC Twente, it gives column inches to Our Great Leader to spin his deceptions.

Scudamore has effectively closed this website down by demanding the ludicrous seven and a half grand that the EPL extort from anybody who wishes to name a future fixture in their media.

The purges, the purges...

Silly Science And Some Slick Stuff Too

Academics are never able to do the holistic otherwise they would not be academics.
But they are top notch for micro-focus cause and effect types of configurative contortions.

Take the following for starters from the Soccerway site...

FAKING A FALL: How can you tell when a player is diving? One telltale is the "archer's bow," says British psychologist Paul Morris. This is when a player falls with both arms in the air, with open palms, chest thrust out and legs bent at the knee, like a sprung archery bow. "This occurs in many dives but biomechanically it does not occur in a natural fall," says Morris. "Instead, instinctively the arms go down in an attempt to cushion the fall or out to the side for balance."

NOW IT'S OFFICIAL: Those who say football is the world's most exciting game can take comfort in statistics. Footy beat four other major sports (American football, ice hockey, baseball and basketball) for "upset frequency" when the underdog won, according to data crunchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory in Mexico, whose 2006 study pored over top club results dating back to 1888. American football was the most predictable. Its "upset frequency" was a whopping 25 percent less than soccer.

STOPPAGE TIME: Unhealthy men should beware when watching a penalty shoot-out. Hospital admissions for cardiac arrests in England and Wales rose by 25 percent when England lost to Argentina on penalties on June 30 1998 and on the following two days after their World Cup tie. In the 1996 European Championships, the death rate in the Netherlands from heart attack or stroke went up by around 50 percent on the day when Holland were knocked out by France on penalties. In both cases, the sharp increases were only seen among men, not women.

HIGHS AND LOWS: High-altitude countries are known for the advantage they have when playing at home, when low-altitude opponents struggle in the thin air. Less well known: they retain an edge when playing away. A 2007 paper in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) looked at a century of results among international matches in 10 South American countries. In the case of two teams from the same altitude, the probability of the home side winning was 53 percent. This rose to 82 percent for an altitude difference of +3,695 metres (12,008 feet), as when high-altitude Bolivia were at home to sea-level Brazil. But it fell to 21 percent when the altitude difference was -3,696 metres (12,008 feet), such as when Brazil were at home to Bolivia.

NO NET GAINS: Three common beliefs about patterns in goal scoring are false, according to football statisticians gathered at a workshop at Germany's University of Mannheim in 2006. 1) There is no evidence that players who scored in a previous match are any likelier to score in their next game; 2) a goal scored just before half time has no greater impact on the outcome of the game than a goal scored earlier in the first half; and 3) teams that have just scored are not especially more vulnerable to conceding a goal than at other times.

HOME AND HORMONES: Could biology explain home advantage? British researchers Sandy Wolfson and Nick Neave took levels of testosterone from players before a home game, an away game and at a training session. Levels were much higher before a home game. The male hormone is linked with dominance, confidence and aggression, which implies the lads psyched up to defend their territory.

SEEING RED: Football clubs with red team strips are more successful than rivals with other colours, according to a 2008 analysis of post-World War II English league data by experts from the universities of Durham and Plymouth. Red-wearing teams (such as Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal) won more often, while teams wearing yellow or orange fared worst. The theory: there's a psychological boost from wearing red, a colour which is often associated in nature with male aggression and display.

HOW IT'S SPUN: Remember Roberto Carlos scoring "the Impossible Goal," a swerving spot kick against France in 1997? How did he do it? Some say it's because Carlos is Brazilian. Physicists, though, point to a combination of the Magnus force and Bernoulli's principle. Just after a kick, a spinning ball moves forward at relatively high velocity, and the air flows irregularly over it. When the ball slows -- specifically, when it is between 29-37 kilometres (18-23 miles) per hour -- the airflow becomes smooth, or "laminar," which instantly boosts the air's braking effect, sometimes by as much as 150 percent. This drastically brakes the forward movement of the ball and enhances a curving movement derived from the ball's spin. So Carlos' goal initially dipped to the right of the defensive wall and then suddenly swerved into the net, leaving the French dumbfounded.

DIGITAL FUTURE: Punters looking for a tip on this year's World Cup winners might be advised to take a close look at players' hands. John Manning from Britain's University of Liverpool suggests there is a link between the lengths of a footballer's fingers and his ability as a player. Looking at British players, Manning found that the footballing elite had longer ring fingers compared to their index fingers. Manning's theory is early exposure to testosterone in the womb is a key to heart formation and spatial judgement and finger length, which is why digits can be a telltale, but not a prediction, of prowess.

ALE'S OUT: Those who contend that drinking beer or other alcoholic beverages helps post-match recovery are addled, say medical researchers. In a New Zealand study published in January in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sports, volunteers carried out strenuous exercise, which was followed by a meal. Some drank orange juice, while the other drank OJ and vodka, the equivalent to around eight standard alcoholic drinks. The guinea pigs were measured a day and a half, and then two days and a half, after exercise. The alcohol group had 15-20 percent less muscular force than the non-alcohol group, and also reported more soreness. "Even moderate amounts of alcohol" are out."

So, the winners of the 2010 World Cup will be a cheating, surprising, altitudinal, goal-scoring, red shirted team with a free kick specialist and enjoying home advantage.
And with uncommonly long fingers.
With the Barmy Fucking Army, could this be the Sassenachs?
The penalty shootout nerve-racking bit and the beer will see to that...

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Monday, 3 May 2010

Begorrah! Begosh!! Batter A Banker For May Day

First Against The Wall...

Arrogant bastards who see social living as weakness and malignant psychopathy as strength when, of course, it is t'other way round...

The attitude of BP to the Exxon Mobil Plus Environmental Disaster.
The attitude of World Government to the Plastica - the continent of plastic waste that will eventually link Cork with New York.
The attitude of Wall Street to those who they have robbed blind...

The following Declaration of Intent is pinging around the trading desks:

"We are Wall Street. It’s our job to make money. Whether it’s a commodity, stock, bond, or some hypothetical piece of fake paper, it doesn’t matter. We would trade baseball cards if it were profitable... Go ahead and continue to take us down, but you’re only going to hurt yourselves. What’s going to happen when we can’t find jobs on the Street anymore? Guess what: We’re going to take yours."

Try it, pal :)

The Anti-Humans continue: "...We aren’t dinosaurs. We are smarter and more vicious than that, and we are going to survive."

Where are those meteor strikes when you need them?

Monarchical Market Manipulation

Leslie Griffiths: "A modern day financial monarchy, Goldman acts with the impunity once reserved for kings. Controlling legislators. Electing Presidents. Filling the Executive Branch with well-heeled lackeys, manipulating world markets and betting against the welfare of its own clients... the American people. When their equivalent of "tax time" came, they squeezed the peasants for billions of bail-out bucks."

Over a thousand bankers were jailed after the S&L Crisis.
This Crisis is bigger and more Depressing and what have we got...?
Kenneth Lay topping himself, Madoff and Fab Fab.

Jeremy Grantham: "This speculative rally is second only to 1932/33."

And pre-May Day, global volatility suggests that the fake rally is running out of steam as the manipulators close out on their hyperreal gains.

Too Real For The Telly

Entitled "What They Won't Tell Us", the Channel 4 pre-election forum only succeeded in not telling us what they won't tell us.

No mention at all in the programme...

Housing Bubble
Speculative Rally
W-Shaped Depression
Dark Pools
Manipulation of Gold Markets
Super-Systemic Risk
Real Impact of Negative Growth
Ongoing Criminalised Speculation
The Targeting of the Pound Sterling
The Contagion of Greece

A Typical Snow Fake...

But media control allowed one voice to seep through: "We should learn Greek and fight back."

As the translated graffiti in Athens stated: "Destroy the Banks and the Ministries!"

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