Thursday, 29 April 2010

A Bunch Of Feckin' Eejits And A Corrupt Shower Of Bastards

Beardie Weirdie Chooses Cryptic Magic Thinking Over Strategy - Well Worth A Few Million Per Year

"When I was on my way to the stadium, the laundry man said it would be like Olympiacos all over again, with a great atmosphere and a late goal to win it at the end" - Goatie Madrileno.

Of much more consequence to Rafa's future, according to a shoeshine boy outside Lime Street Station, is the fact that an Agnelli is once again in charge of Juventus in Italy - Andrea took over yesterday.

Being non-strategic, Benitez will not have taken into account the shifting sand-dunes of power in the Italian game. Having been unreasonably targeted by relegation, non-Champions League participation and financial body blows via the fake outcome of Calciopoli, the powers-that-be have once again directly targeted the Old Lady this season, ensuring no qualification for the 2010/11 Champions League and the relegation of one of Juve's feeder clubs, Siena.

There is more dietrologia to hit the fan as Moggi is drip-feeding the media with phone conversations from the Calciopoli period which, presumably, are leading towards the exposure of the Real culprits.
Not before the Statute of Limitations rears its unjudicial head, they won't...

A Pissed Up State And A Legless System

The Economist: "This illustrates the weird symbiosis in which governments rescued the banks but then rely on the banks to buy a large portion of their debt; two drunks propping each other up."

Anyone for a Ponzi Cocktail...?

Jean Baudrillard: "...the crime is never perfect, for the world betrays itself by its appearances, which are the clues to its non existence, the traces of the continuity of the nothing."

Prince Philip Playing Polo On His Arse In Stephen's Green

Man At The Window have recorded a reggae version of 'The Fields Of Athenry' which will soon be available in the Celtic Club Shops alongside John Reid's 'Extraordinary Renditions And The Madness Of States' and Peter Lawwell's 'Bible Of Truth'.

Check: for life enhancement.

Gerry Coogan, from the band, has an angle and it is true and it is happening in Glasgow town.

Would it be in bad taste for me to send a biography of Robert Maxwell to Sir David Murray, (aka Minty Moonbeams)?
And is it too much to hope for the possibility that the Huns really could sink into oblivion?

I've been careful not to get my hopes up too much but I'm really starting to feel that they're holed below the waterline.
The fact that the ten-point penalty for going into administration has been skilfully kept in place by some diabolical refereeing this season has made me suspect that the Brotherhood have accepted for some time that ultimately this bullet can't be dodged...

I can think of no more appropriate irony than that the Huns could finally be exterminated by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs.
God save the Queen!"

Against the Famine and the crown no longer :)

Eire, Estonia, Iceland, Greece, Spain - The Dominoes Are Getting Bigger And They Continue To Fall

The state-corporate programmes of financialisation and de-industrialisation achieved their latest success yesterday with the downgrading of Spanish Sovereignty.
Ratings Agencies are, to an entity, a corrupt shower of bastards.
Why would we believe their murky smirks and their facilitation of insider trading scams?

Argentina Show That They're All Black Jacobins Now

While the other World Cup participants are selecting competitive and strategic friendly matches leading up to the Marketing Event South Africa 2010, Argentina show that some things are more important than bookmaking and agents - Maradona has set up a friendly match with Haiti.

While all members of the national team survived, some despite having their homes collapse upon them, 32 people were killed in the collapse of the Haitian football federation's headquarters during the earthquake.

The players have gone from sleeping in the streets for three months to planning to play against many of the best players in the world. "I eat well here. I sleep well. But I cannot help but think of my friends and family who don't have that," Haiti forward Charles Herold said. "I can't get that off my mind."

Still there are thousands and thousands and thousands of US Marines to 'look after' the place...

As Noam Chomsky tells us: "To take one succinct official definition, terrorism is 'the calculated use of violence or threat of violence to attain goals that are political, religious, or ideological in nature...through intimidation, coercion, or instilling fear.' Everything I have just described, and a great deal more like it, falls within the category of terrorism, in fact state-directed international terrorism, in the technical sense of US-British law."

Earthquake Equals Occupied Territory.
Everybody Say "Fuck The USA".

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